Planet of the Apps - Sunday Times Review

The days are getting lighter, and around the country tens of thousands of golf bags are being dusted off. Can an app help you improve your game this season? If you need the spur of competition, use VPAR to set up your very own tournament. At least one player will have to be running the app in each foursome, and entering scores hole by hole. The data is then shared live with every other player in leaderboard format and can also be viewed back in the clubhouse, giving the smallest championship that Ryder Cup feel. It can help you change your tactics: if you see you’re coasting to victory, start playing safe, but if you’re behind, take risks. VPAR also contains maps of 30,000 courses around the world and, using the phone’s GPS, will show the exact range to the flag and help you select the right club for each stroke; will archive your scorecards for post-match analysis and comparison; and holds course contact details. It even forecasts the local weather. VPAR is free to use for 14 days, after which a year’s subscription costs £5.99.

Matthew Bingham, The Sunday Times

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