The players have spoken no more excuses

Europe have won eight of the last ten Ryder Cups.

The echo of the European discussions from across the pond has almost reached fever pitch now that the man who presided over the worst loss in US Ryder Cup history – Nightmare on Medinah Street – has returned again as captain.

After Phil’s scathing public denouncement of Tom Watson, a task force have looked into the solution. Now that the players have the continuity, atmosphere and captain established, it is up to them to step up and perform.

Captain Love

Picking a captain that lost so recently is a risky strategy. The veteran will be keen to right the wrongs of four years ago. Tom Watson was a previous leader and lost, so why will Love be any different?

When one considers the method in the decision making there is more logic than first meets the eye. Team USA have correctly looked across the pond to identify long term tactics to aid their course. Phil Mickelson sums this up; “By having past captains involved, having future captains as current vice captains, we will have everyone working together sharing information to have continuity from cup to cup.”

The Players

Golfing commentators revel in discussing how pairings work together, the atmosphere in the camp and how good their uniforms are. However, all the planning and ‘pod systems’ in the world can only take you so far, the tournament is about hitting good golf shots when it counts. The team that hit the most will (usually) win.

With the plethora of young talent that exists in; Spieth, Fowler, Reed, Bradley and Horschel, there is no shortage of ability. Now they must gel as a team.

Bring on Hazeltine

Continuity and unity seem to be the big buzz words to come out of this whole process. Captain Love said recently; “I don’t think we have to make massive changes. We’re building a team of captains, a family that’s going to pull together.”

When Hazeltine, 2016 comes round there can be no excuses. From players or captain. However, what we can take solace in, is that there is now a winning infrastructure in place for the next generation of American Ryder Cups.

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