600 Player Outing Over 6 Dream Courses

Pinehurst, one of the most stunning golf courses in all of the United States, was home to the Lowe’s Swing for Charity event. 

Lowe’s staff members and subsidiaries of the company absolutely loved VPAR and the idea of live scoring.  Even though it was a charity event, golfers were lauding about how much the live leaderboard was going to “turn up the competition”.  With over 600 players participating in the event, it was one of the largest events we have ever had the pleasure of live scoring. 

Golfers partook on six of Pinehurst’s breathtaking courses and had the experience of a lifetime doing so.  In the clubhouse’s dining room, members and staff were in awe watching six televisions with live leaderboards scrolling through all 151 teams.  Twelve players even had the pleasure of playing on Donald Ross’s masterpiece, Pinehurst’s Course #2.  This is the course which has held the U.S. Open three times in the past 15 years. 

On every course the race came down to the wire with no team winning by more than three strokes. Quite the feat considering there were at least 29 teams on each course, except course number 2. Teams Morrison (-10), Davis (-1), Cunnyngham (-13), Coco (-11), Ireland (-10), and Millovitsch (-13) who were tired and sunburnt from a long day on the course, rose their iconic Pinehurst trophies in triumph.  At the end of the day, Lowe’s Swing for Charity was a complete success with the company raising nearly $4 million dollars!  A great day indeed.

For the final results you can see them here - http://usa.vpar.com/series/lowes

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