5 Ways to Keep the Golf Dream Alive in winter

To those who refuse to let the “off-season” halt their handicap reduction, we salute you. Here are 5 tips to keep your golf skills in tip top condition, even as the colder months begin to settle in. 

1. Play on a Golf Simulator

Whilst there is certainly no substitute for the real thing, playing Pebble Beach virtually for a fraction of the $500 green fee is a great option. Add in a few friends, a couple of beers and no drive home and you have a winning combination. Setting it up in the living room may cause complaints from the family, so make sure you have extra space. Plus, it is likely to be warm and dry!

2. Rash purchase of Masters tickets

Forget waiting for the frost to melt and get yourself to Augusta in April. Not only will you never regret the experience of walking the world’s most exclusive golf course, the excitement will definitely get you through the winter. Dreams of Magnolia drive, Amen Corner and Rae’s Creek are certain to keep your inner Tiger roaring.

3. Invest in some winter gear

Tour professionals effortlessly sport mittens, ultra-light down vests and bobble hats to fight off the cold. Now that it is November, it is compulsory that your attire should be ‘Gore-Tex’. Then you will be able to laugh in the face of sub-zero temperatures and shrug off any mizzle (a new hybrid weather term of mist and drizzle that is permanently found in Scotland) that descends on the links.

4. Buddy Trip to Arizona/Florida/South Carolina

You’ve watched enough golf to be envious of all the beautiful courses in the south of the United States. So go live the dream! Carts, budget hotels and – crucially – hot weather await you. Buy yourself a replica Ryder Cup Trophy and start the inaugural **insert tournament name here**.

5. Snow Golf

Grab your set of orange golf balls, fire up the hand-warmers and head out onto the snow covered fairways. Leave your handicap inhibitions at home and embrace the challenge! Added bonuses; mulligans are encouraged, no pitch markers needed and you definitely earn a drink afterwards.


Author; @ro_northcott

Written for; @vpargolf

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