There's Only Room For One JT And It's Justin Thomas

As my inaugural post, I think a good place to begin is to outline why Justin Thomas is so awesome.

Reason #1: His golf swing

My boy JT was the 15th longest driver on tour with an average of 303 yards in the 2015 season. The reason this is so remarkable is because of two other statistics; height and weight. Justin (yes, we’re on first name terms) is 5’10 and 145 lbs. Compare that to the Greek Gods of the golfing world, (think DJ and Adam Scott,) and he's considered tiny.

The reason he hits the ball so far **swoons** is down to the natural action of his golf swing. But, I’ll let Mr. Leadbetter explain it in further detail.

Reason #2: His friendship with Jordan Spieth

When Jordan offered to answer any questions on his Twitter profile JT replied with the following. 

Excellent use of family baby photos to prove his banter is nearly as good as his golf swing.

Besides that, Justin’s SnapChat – checked by me every 15 minutes – recently mocked Jordan for deserving his “fried egg lie” in a bunker for missing a green with a nine iron on a practice round.

They’re best mates, unbelievable at golf and having a great time doing it.

Reason #3: His Social Media Game

It’s on point. There aren’t many golfers’ Instagrams that make me laugh out loud. Hence my excitement when I stumbled upon this gem.

JT was promised a pair of Adidas’ famous sneaker line; Yeezy’s if he holed this bunker shot. You can guess what happens. The club throw celebration afterwards is just spot on.

Besides that, the man who’s possibly the greatest that has ever played his sport…met Floyd Mayweather. 

Pretty sick night indeed Justin! 

Move aside Timberlake, there is only one JT!

Until next time, Rowan


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