What's To Come Of Wie And Me

12 years ago, while I was finishing 4th in the regional schools 1500m race, Michelle Wie was becoming the first woman to shoot a sub-par round in a Men’s PGA event. Sure, I could put a strong case forward for mine being more impressive, but I think I may be heavily outnumbered if put to a vote.

Still, we are now both 26, and according to Wiezy’s (her adopted name from fans) official website we have similar tastes; we like good food, new sneakers and the music of Justin Bieber. (That last one is a lie in order to hit my 14-18-year-old audience quota). We work in the same industry, but while I sit on the organizational side of international golfing events, Michelle is on the other side of that rope, doing what she does best - playing golf.

Of course I’m jealous!

A child prodigy who actually became good, Michelle (currently ranked 44th in the world) has enjoyed a career of top-ten finishes in majors, LPGA tour wins and 4 Solheim Cup appearances – winning twice. And that’s all great, but it’s what she does off the course that makes me a fan.

Her Instagram account has a plethora of fun pics; from hanging out with Rickie Fowler in a hat that isn’t a snapback...

To performing an unnecessary balancing act by the ocean...

I can hear the readers of this blog now, “She’s past her best.”

You’re wrong.

While it has been a less-than-impressive start to 2016, Wiezy has the game to win a major tournament. Beyond that, and arguably more impressive, she has the personality to change the entire landscape of the sport. Her style on and off the green (see the rainbow-dyed hair) is breaking down stereotypes and getting more people playing the sport.

So it’s for all of these reasons that she has recently been described as “quite the anomaly in world golf”. And it’s for that reason I am a super fan. What will 2016 hold for Wie & Me? Let’s go and find out.

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