5 of Jason Dufner's Best Twitter Moments

Jason Dufner’s been relatively quiet these days, both on and off the course. This is sad. While I certainly enjoy watching him sink a 40-footer off the green for birdie, I also love watching his Twitter game.

From a fellow Twitter enthusiast to another, he does a fine job.

So, I decided to take a look back and remind myself of the Twitter posts that compelled me enough to hit the “follow” button to ensure I never miss an update. 


Before Paige Spiranac made the internet go crazy there was Dufnering. I admit this is kind of a cheat as he didn’t post it himself. But let’s be real, he’s the real star of the show. The golf Twitter-verse wouldn’t be the same without him. 

Bubba Watson's sideburns

It was a totally terrible life choice by Bubba Watson. But even the sideburns were trumped by Dufner’s inherent need to call him out about it. (Plus, check out who responded.) 

His ride-along

I mean, if I won I’d probably make it buckle up for safety too. 

He called out the NFL

After a questionable play during a game, Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garret was asked about his decision and responded with, “What kept going through my mind was if you get a chance to go play at the Masters, you don’t lay-up. You go after it.” In less than 140 characters Dufner destroyed his analogy. 

Prince Louie

While I can’t say for sure who got the dog in the divorce, I am assuming his ex-wife. I can say that most Tweets with a French bulldog will get my attention really quickly.

The only thing I dislike about his Tweets are that he’s made it perfectly clear he’s a Patriots fan.

But I guess we’re all allowed one flaw.





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