Andy Sullivan Hits Up The United States

March and April have been busy months for Andy. With three top 20 finishes in his most recent events, he is clocking up some serious world ranking points and gaining fans in the process.

When he received an invite to Augusta, I’m pretty sure I was more excited than when Charlie found Willy Wonka’s last golden ticket! Andy took his inspirational, fun loving and happy nature across the pond showing the United States exactly what the Sulli Army is all about. He didn’t let us down to boot.

Masters week came along and the usual motley crew (Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson, and Jordan Spieth) were slapped across golf media.  Unlike the veterans, who are used to such exposure, the added media coverage can be extremely overwhelming for first time Masters players (Cough, Sullivan). They’re bombarded. I even watched Andy give an interview in his weekend accommodations - think MTV Cribs meets the PGA Tour.

For newcomers, that added media hype brings extreme pressure. A pressure that for many first timers, can contribute to their demise at Augusta National. They’re critiqued on every single shot - from how long they take through the execution of the shot. The Masters will no doubt have been a steep learning curve.

While he may not have performed the way he would have liked, dealing with the increased media coverage and scrutiny, plus carrying the weight of Nuneaton on his shoulders, Andy gave a performance worthy of applause.

And most importantly, he gave us that big ole smile and grin during the par-3 contest, where he delivered one of the record breaking hole in ones.


He may not have delivered on my bet at Augusta but Andy has officially introduced the Sulli Army to the States. They will have no doubt have left a lasting impression on American golf fans.

Prior to the Masters, Andy and the Sulli Army put out a clear and powerful warning that the, “USA! USA!” chants at the Ryder Cup will be drowned out by the yells of, “SULLI SULLI”.

And the rumblings of this have begun. Coupling this initial introduction with his pal Danny Willet and their Eurasia Cup experience, you can expect the Sulli Army to be out in full force. Bring on the boys in blue!



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