Justin Thomas' Spring Break Had Rowan Happier Than a Kid at Christmas

Unless you were hiding in some underground nuclear bunker for the last couple of weeks, you will have been exposed to Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Smylie Kaufman and JT living it up in the Bahamas as part of #SB2K16 – Spring Break 2016. We already knew that these guys live remarkably. However, the insight from Snapchat was a wonderful way to see how these guys unwind.

Kaufman danced on a golf cart, Spieth showed off his David Feherty impression and Fowler dove off a pontoon. If you missed any of it, here’s a brief selection of the hilarity that ensued.

Did I forget to mention that JT took aim at the ball collector on the range…with Smylie and Rickie inside?

I wish I’d been there.

Having not known much about Smylie Kaufman before the 2016 Masters, it was brilliant to see JT appoint him ‘MVP of the Tour’. I’m pretty sure he was bestowed this honor for one of these reasons. First, after he holed a bunker shot he immediately did a cannonball into the lake. 

Second, his unwavering commitment to the ‘Konica Minolta BizHub SwingVision Camera’ for each of his buddies’ shots was pure gold. 

Putting their antics aside, there is definitely a bigger message here.

When has any athlete given such deep access to the public with such little relevance to the sport that they play?

We are witnessing a new generation of athletes being defined before our eyes. This vacation proved that these young men who are fierce competitors on the Tour, are just like you and I. In a time of intrusive paparazzi, the immediacy of social media and twenty-four-hour news and having guys that not only embrace these media demands but own them, is refreshing.

Thanks to SnapChat and the Bahamas, I now know that:

  • Jordan is the nerd
  • Rickie is the cool one
  • Smylie is the joker
  • JT is the core (obviously)

What will #SB2K17 bring? Well, Rory was invited this year but was in Barbados with his fiancée, so he will have to make up for that. Whereas, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus got the invite after Tweeting a picture of them on Safari in South Africa back in 1965! 

I only have one question. Do you think they will need an official SnapChatter?



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