The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen

Imagine the best possible thing that could happen.

Then double it, add some chocolate sprinkles and throw a cherry on top.

This is what you get.

My boy JT obviously got a hole in one on the 4th hole of the Par 3 contest at Augusta National.

All it took was a naughty bit of back spin off the slope, and in she went. Boom.

He looked absolutely killer in a pink Ralph-y as he watched Rickie Fowler follow him to make back to back aces. 

The crowd went nuts. High-fives were perfectly timed. And, Snapchat was drastically improved by this selfie. 

Jordan Spieth then tried to join the party but failed because, well, you know, he isn’t JT.

So what can we make of all this?

Conclusion number one is that Rickie followed JT’s hole in one. Therefore, just like me, Rickie Fowler is an avid follower of Justin Thomas. 

Secondly and just as important, is the fact that Spieth did not make a hole in one. This means we can finally put to rest any questions of who is the better golfer.  

Finally, it was just a truly excellent choice of polo shirt.

Readers from last time will have been bowled over by JT’s holed bunker shot to win some Yeezy’s off his manager. Well imagine my delight to find them on his Snapchat, in a private jet, with some Masters memorabilia sitting across from him.

Drops mic.

Until next time,

Rowan #RollTide

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