I met Andy Sullivan Do I need say more

Listen up everyone.

I have met Andy Sullivan. I have met the Sulli Army. Do I need say anymore?  

How you might ask?

On a sunny morning in June, I was lucky enough to be at one of the finest golf days I have experienced. Of course, I had the inside scoop that Andy was playing that day, so I arrived early to do some photo work. While I was waiting for the arrival of the players, I found myself in Andy’s chair. 

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I predicted Andy to be welcomed back to the UK with open arms! And while he certainly was, there’s been no time for rest. He’s had to perform quite the balancing act between his professional and personal life. While preparing for the US Open and competing in the Irish Open, he celebrated the birth of his second daughter! It was during this exciting time that I met Andy, just after the Irish Open. I followed him for a few holes to watch him play. He was also working with the European Tour on footage for a “life behind the ropes” documentary, so I got to catch a little preview of that too.

Even though there were a number of top golfers playing in the golf day I attended, none of the groups had a bigger smile on their face after the round than Andy’s group. I can understand that being a Tour pro has many commitments, and for some, to travel back to Ireland to play in a sponsor’s day, might have been a bit of a hassle. Nonetheless, Andy put on a show. We talked for a little while, and even though I tried, he didn’t let me buy him a beer. 

Three days later, another goal of mine was achieved.  I finally met the men behind the Sulli Army. But, if I am being honest, we all know what the Sulli Army is like, and if I had missed them we could argue that I need a serious pair of glasses and some hearing-aids to boot.  

As if the Irish Open wasn’t enough, I again managed to follow Andy for a few holes at the BMW Championships. It was after this event, once Andy had signed off on a solid week, that he was finally able to relax.

He had a couple weeks off and then was off to Oakmont, again to see what America could chuck his way. He had a great performance finishing T23, and is slowly climbing up the world rankings, currently holding the #42 spot.

Again America, he has shown you that your hardest courses can be tamed, stay tuned…

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