Did I Inspire Andy Sullivan to New Heights

Last month, I met Andy Sullivan and the Sully Army. Did I inspire him to new heights? Quite possibly. 

Since then he’s had two top 10 finishes and a top 15 at The Open.  It’s safe to say July has been a consistent month for Andy and continues to keep his Ryder Cup dreams alive!

You might say, "So what Howard? His performances lack the all-important win.”

However I like to look at the small things. An interesting stat from The Open shows that Andy’s got pure talent. On the hardest hole all week (the 11th), would anyone like to guess how Andy performed? 

Yes, you got it. He scored -2 for the four rounds – one of only two players to play this hole under par all week!

Unfortunately, not everything is coming up roses. One thing that puzzled me this month was that Andy announced that he was to become another withdrawal from the Olympics. I found it odd as I was fairly confident Andy was 4th or 5th in line to play for Team GB. I do not doubt Andy’s caliber but question whether or not he knows more than what the public does. Should we be bracing ourselves for more Great Britain withdrawals?

It is a shame. I mean, how cool would it be to have an Olympian from Nuneaton who used to work at Asda? It would definitely be a first!

As the season continues, Andy again will be looking to keep those Ryder Cup points ticking over.

On a final note, I hope everything that happens off the course, remains off the course. I’m hoping that the little rumors that have been floating around don’t make Andy break his focus. I mentioned it previously in my Masters edition, that golfers are so intensely scrutinised on the course that they need a break off the course.

As long as Andy keeps his eye on the prize he will delight the golfing world for the remainder of the year. 

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