Nothing Good Happens After Eight Twenty PM Anyway

It’s a running joke within my group of friends that if it’s 10pm and I’m still awake it’s a miracle. I’m considered the grandma of the group, who has a child-like bedtime and always dips out early to hurry off to bed before the night is truly over.

I don’t apologize for any of it.

And I hope Jason doesn’t either.

So, to answer your question Rowan - yes I did see it.

A few bloggers have since gone on to relive the much loved “Dufnering” photo, while other have asked, “is there no privacy anymore?”

Let’s be real for a second. He was practically staying in a frat house that weekend. Nobody should be surprised this was taken. I’m just relieved that his shoes were off otherwise I am almost certain he would have ended up with drawings all over his face.

That early bedtime may have helped his game as he finished +1 for the tournament, ahead of Justin Thomas (+7), Jordan Spieth (+2) and Rickie Fowler (+6).

Maybe they could have done with a little less steak and a little more shut eye.



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