5 Times Jason Dufners Dog Summed up my Life

We’ve had a hectic 2016 season with the climax of it all happening over the past two months. This is probably why Jason Dufner has been relatively quiet on social media. I guess he’s got a small thing called golf to focus on.

Anyway, thankfully he’s not the only Dufner I follow.

His dog Prince Louie's cuteness is hard to ignore. While I’m pretty sure Jason’s ex-wife got custody in the divorce, I can’t help but continue to follow this adorable pup.

His posts consistently sum up my life and probably yours as well. Take a look. 

When you realize it’s only Tuesday and contemplate if life is worth living.

When you hit full vacation mode.

When you actually accomplish getting to that Saturday morning yoga class.  

When you see someone cute at the end of the bar. 

When lunch arrives.

So if you haven’t already, follow Prince Louie Dufner on Instagram here. It’s worth it.



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