I Have Officially Inspired Michelle Wie

Just weeks after Nike surprised many (including its own athletes) by announcing it would stop making golf equipment, players such as our own Michelle Wie have been inundated by rival golf-club companies desperate to see our star using their stuff.

Wie signed with Nike back in 2005, on a reported $5million a year contract. Upon last month’s news Wiezy echoed the thoughts of many Nike golfers by sympathizing with the staff who are due to lose their jobs saying, “More than anything, I appreciate the incredible people on the equipment side who have always helped me in every way possible.

While she will continue to wear Nike apparel on-course, the brand of clubs in the bag will be a highly talked about topic over the upcoming months.

In other news, it appears that this blog has inspired Wiezy to start her own (yes, I am certain that is the truth). The Fore Seasons blog, labelled as a “fitness, travel and lifestyle” blog, follows Wie and Danielle Kang as they share snapshots from around the world – a real sneak peek into their lifestyle and favorite things.

I couldn’t help but notice a common theme between this blog and Wie’s – sneakers! Each month we bring you our favourite pick, well Wiezy may have one-upped us, featuring no less than 8 sneaker designs.

My favorite has to be the USA inspired Blazers for the 2015 Solheim Cup. 

Finally, what better way to spend a weekend than hanging with your “squad” by the lake? Honestly, it looks like it could have been shot for a terrible 90’s girl band cover album.

My favorite post has to be Wiezy’s attempted dive in an incredible doughnut bathing suit. Judging by the video, I’m not expecting a career change to Olympic diving anytime soon.

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