Sullivan Heads for Ryder Cup Glory

Big news! In late August, Andy Sullivan’s Ryder Cup spot was confirmed. For one of the first times this year, I can safely say, “I TOLD YOU HE WOULD!”

It was a solid month for Andy all around. He stuck together a T5 at The French Open, T6 at The Scottish Open and a T12 at The Open. Not only was it a lucrative couple of weeks but was topped off with all those Ryder Cup Points.

His pitfall was The PGA Championship. Having started with an opening 67, his third round 72 was disappointing. Typically I’m not one to complain about TV coverage but even with Andrew Johnston’s popularity, I would have preferred to watch more of Andy competing. Oh well, clearly this must mean the American’s don’t want a constant reminder of the talent that is barrelling full force towards The Ryder Cup.

As if it couldn’t get any better, Audemars Piguet announced Sullivan as part of their team. For those who don’t know AP, they sponsor Danny Willet and Henrik Stenson, two major winners this year. Now Andy Sullivan’s name gets to be added to that list. Is it a sign of what’s in store for Andy? I’m voting yes!

I’m also voting yes for a win at The Ryder Cup. Next month, Andy’s outfit won’t be the only thing that’s blue at Hazeltine National. American’s will need an entire box of tissues for the tears Sullivan is going to bring them to. The Ryder Cup is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited to see what Sullivan will bring to the tournament.

Lastly, on a VPAR note, Andy will be playing in a golf event in September, using the VPAR app. So join the cool kids and download the app to see if you can beat his score!

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