3 suggestions to make golf better

At VPAR, we’re all for shaking things up a bit and relaxed attitudes.

Ankle socks and shorts? Sure

Treading on someone’s line? No problem.

Play when ready? Absolutely

Now the world of sport has become so competitive for TV eyeballs and participation, anything that golf can do to make it more accessible and exciting for the almost-golfer, the better.

In light of that, here are some suggestions for VPARing the pro golf season  (You heard the verb here first).

1. Europe vs. USA – Combined Male and Female

We have the Ryder Cup. We have the Solheim Cup.

Why not roll them together into one Matchplay bonanza to get people fired up, whether you have a Y chromosome or not?

This is how it would work;

  • 16 players a side
  • One male and one female captain who each have 2 picks – total of 4 players
  • The remaining twelve come from the world rankings
  • Same format as Ryder/Solheim Cup – with more matches;
    • 5 fourball/foursomes matches each session
    • Morning mixed fourballs, afternoon single gender
    • 16 singles on Sunday

Official golf bodies are constantly talking about ‘grow the game’, so what better way to capture the imagination of young golfers than having Rickie/Lexi vs. Rory/Charley?

2. Have an 80% ball for Majors

The ball flies too far. It is a fact.

Old-style courses that measure 6,800 yards or less, are now deemed irrelevant as the guys on the Tour simply over-power them. This is a great shame as some of the best courses in the world cannot (and should not) be lengthened to accommodate modern golf.

So why not have an ‘80% ball’ for Majors? Rory Mcilroy said this week on the No Laying Up podcast, that it would take him only two weeks to adjust to such a radical difference when this topic was brought up.

For The Open, there are a plethora of shorter courses that would be considered – Royal Aberdeen and Dornoch for example. Whereas America would not need to choose an 8,000+ yard course every Major to keep the big guys at bay.

The long guys will still be long, and the accurate guys will still be accurate, just at a property that was previously irrelevant due to length.

3. No Caddies

For one week on the Tour, it would be great to see who can carry their own bag. Imagine the sight of the Pro’s putting their stand bag next to their ball, pacing out the yardage and working out the direction of the wind. With no one to blame, the players who would work things out alone would come out on top. Us amateurs all have to do it on the weekend.

How reliant is Spieth on Greller? Can Dustin work out the numbers? Would Phil implode by having no-one to talk to?

All of these questions, and many more, would be answered!



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