Live Scoring Experience

We’re proud to be the pioneer and global leader of Live Golf Scoring. Golf clubs and event managers across the globe trust our technology to score thousands of tournaments and outings each year.

Some of the people who trust us include Fortune 500 brands, Top 100 courses, European, Asian and PGA Tour Pro-ams and renowned charity organizations around the world.

If you’re looking for a way to make your golf day stand out from the crowd, enhance the player experience and drive additional revenue from your sponsors, look no further. You’ve found it.

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Where To Use VPAR

On The Course

Players are greeted by our friendly staff and provided devices as they head out on the course. With a simple tap, players input their scores on a digital scorecard that immediately displays their position on a live leaderboard. Now golfers can check out the competition, plan their next shot and celebrate when they hit those clutch putts.

In The Clubhouse

Who doesn’t love seeing their name in shining lights? Broadcast the live action throughout the clubhouse. It’s a nervous wait as competitors reach the 18th green, and VPAR ensures everyone is watching the action! You’ll know who to buy celebratory drinks sooner than ever.

And Online

The excitement isn’t just confined to the event. Spectators, family or friends can even browse the scores online before, during and after the event. Get further exposure and extend the reach of your event. Your sponsors will thank you.

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